Why People Follow You

why people follow you

That's an interesting question....why do people follow you?  

Why do they follow your blog, or listen to your podcast or accept your friend request on Facebook?  Why do they follow you on Instagram or TikTok or on Pinterest?

If you can figure out why people are following you...then you can use that information to gain EVEN MORE followers - and ultimately - get more clients!

This information is super useful...both for yourself (so you know how to attract more clients who want to work with you) and also for your V.A. clients (so you can help THEM grow THEIR businesses too!)

So why DO people follow you?  One way to find out is to turn things around and ask why YOU are following OTHER PEOPLE.  And here's an interesting fact: For me, it's rarely because they are super smart.  I tend to follow people who:

  • Are super interesting or entertaining.  Maybe they are wildly funny or shocking. Maybe they have lots of fascinating stories to tell.
  • Are extremely relatable.  I follow people whom I feel are a lot like me.  I follow people who are authentic and tell personal stories...not just their successes...but their struggles as well.  
  • Provide hope and inspiration.  We all want to upgrade, improve and continue to change our lives for the better. I tend to follow those who give me that sense of hope and make me believe I CAN do those things.
  • Make me feel like I'm getting something.  Whether it's helpful information, fantastic recipes, free resources, surprises, or just a friendly engaged person who I feel I could chat to or connect with over social media.  I unfollow people who aren't consistently giving me something.

So with those tips in mind...why are you following the people you follow?  Why are people following you? And how could you use that information to get MORE followers - and more clients?


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