When to Keep Going and When to Quit

When to Keep Going and When to Quit

When you own a Virtual Assistance Business (or any business, really) - I promise - there will be times when things don't go as planned, and you will wonder if you should keep striving towards your goal...or simply, give up.

Business surprises can show up in thousands of different ways:

  • You planned on having a full practice within 3 months but you still don't have a single client. Should you keep trying - or quit?
  • You thought Instagram would be a great way to market your business, but no one is following your account. Should you keep working at it - or throw in the towel?
  • Your biggest client decided to move on, leaving you with a BIG gap in your schedule and your income! Should you try to fill the hole - or just go look for a new job?

When things don't go as planned...how do you know when to keep plugging away at it anyway, or when to quit?

Here's a thought:  PIVOT instead.

Pivoting is sort of like the 'middle ground' between sticking it out and giving up.  It simply means steering the direction of your V.A. business in a different way, when you realize that your current plan isn't working OR when you can see a way that might work better.

When I started The Brainy Gal Virtual Assistant in 2011...I thought it would be a part-time gig where I could help a few clients from home and still have time to wrangle my 3 kiddos.  

I was lucky to do well and find clients right from the start...but I noticed almost immediately that I was spending hours every week answering emails from women who wanted to know how I did it.  There were a LOT of people back then asking to meet over Skype, or borrow my time, ask a few questions, etc.   I did it - until I couldn't anymore.  Before I knew it I had a FULL-TIME business answering questions and NOT getting paid for any of it!

Enter the PIVOT:  I decided to offer PAID consultations - allowing people to pick my brain for one hour, but still making money.  I also put everything I know into several pre-recorded courses so that I could offer those to Virtual Assistants instead of using my own time to teach people.

I never PLANNED or set out to become a Virtual Assistant coach, mentor or trainer...but the pivots happened, and - whelp - here we are today!

So if you're feeling frustrated and confused and aren't sure if you should keep going or give up...think about ways you might be able to pivot instead!



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