Want more clients? Try Being LESS Perfect

Want more clients? Be real...not perfect!

Today I want to share a story with you about my Instagram friend. By the end of this little tale, I promise, you will understand how being 'less than perfect' might be the best way to get more clients for your Virtual Assistance Business!

So here it goes...

My Instagram friend who shares healthy food pictures has over 45,000 followers and she gets lots of paid partnerships, free products, and opportunities to collab!  Awesome, right?  But here's the kicker:

  • She isn't a professional chef
  • A lot of her pictures have poor lighting, no fancy props or food styling whatsoever
  • Her recipes use simple ingredients (often from discount stores) that are easy enough for anyone to make
  • She shares occasional pics of herself and stories about her family, her struggles, her regular life.

So I asked her once,

"Why do you think you have so many followers who love you?"

and her answer: 

"I think people like to see things that aren't perfect...they like to follow people they can totally relate to, people who are just like them."

And THAT, right there, is the key to attracting clients.

When I stopped to think about the people who I follow on Instagram...or the business gurus I watch, the newsletters I subscribe to, the blogs I actually read...it was absolutely true. 

I rarely subscribe to those 'Perfect People'.  You know, those perfect business people who are leaning back on their Maserati's parked at the beach with fat stacks of cash in their perfectly manicured hands?  I don't follow ANY of them or buy anything from them.

I DO tend to follow people I can relate to.  The 'down to earth' types. The ones who might have spelling mistakes in their newsletters but the advice is so wicked-good that I don't care whether they wrote "THEIR, THEY'RE or THERE".  (OK...I'm lying...I totally hate that).

But you know what I mean:  We tend to follow and want to work with other people we can relate to...and sometimes that means people who aren't perfect.

So if you're trying to attract more clients to hire you as a Virtual Assistant this year? Maybe you don't need to try so hard to be amazingly perfect...maybe you just need to be your completely authentic, imperfect self. 



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