How a Yard Full of Weeds Helped Me Grow a Successful V.A. Business

What Weeds Taught Me About Virtual Assistant Success

When my husband and I decided to trade in our big-city life for a 150-year-old farmhouse in the came with a few surprises:  

  • gorgeous antique wood floors (none of which are actually level)
  • some uninvited guests in the attic (I'm talking to you, batman & family)
  • and a massive front yard literally drenched in... DANDELIONS. 🌼🌼🌼

To make matters worse, our neighbors all had GORGEOUS green lawns, with not a weed in sight.  The sort of lawns that make golf greens jealous.  

One sunny afternoon, as we were driving home, my four-year-old, wide-eyed and grinning with sheer joy piped up exclaiming:

"Mommy...we are the luckiest people in the whole world because WE have more dandelions than ANYONE else".

This was a perfect reminder that any circumstance can be perceived as a good thing or a bad thing...depending on how you look at it.

To us grown-ass adults, a lawn full of dandelions might look like a heluva lot of neglected yard work and a battle lost to invasive weeds. 

But to a four-year-old?  A yard full of gorgeous yellow flowers to pick and play in is pure bliss.

The lesson we can take from this is that MINDSET is important and it can make a big impact on our V.A. business success!


Every challenge, obstacle, or opportunity that comes your way can be looked at from different angles - and determine what actions you take next.  

For example:

  • Having not enough work in your Virtual Assistant practice can leave you feeling frustrated and wanting to give up OR/ super happy that you have some free time to get ahead on your marketing.
  • Having a client fire you can leave you feeling unworthy and depressed OR/ make room for a new, more compatible client that you love working with.
  • Having a huge, daunting task list that keeps you working late at night can leave you feeling disgruntled and stressed-out OR/ thrilled for all the new things you're learning and all the extra cash you're making!

Whenever you feel stressed, frustrated, or upset about something in your business STOP (and smell the dandelions).  Is there another way to look at your challenge or problem?  A way that might help you make a more positive impact on your Virtual Assitant Business?


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