6-Figure Virtual Assistant

I realize this sounds entirely crazy. How can having just ONE skill turn you into a super-successful money-making Virtual Assistant with a waiting list of clients who want to hire you?

I'll tell you, right now. I've seen it happen and I'll explain exactly why having just ONE high-demand skill can make you more money.

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If you are an 'expert' in just one can charge higher rates.

That's true. Having just ONE skill...or just ONE thing that you do all day every day, means that you'll likely become pretty damn good at it. An expert. A guru, even. And if you're an Expert at something, can charge higher rates! Duh. Clients are more than willing to pay extra for someone who is highly skilled in something rather than someone who dabbles in a bit of everything.

You can teach, train or create products.

So if you have just ONE skill...and you're an expert in that one thing, it makes it a heck of a lot easier to teach others about it. You can create training courses or write books about that one thing. Whatever your skill is, you can start selling courses, trainings and information products to make extra income for yourself.

You won't lose money on a job

Having just one skill that you do all day, every day, ensures that you know exactly how long it will take you to do it. In fact, you'll probably be pretty fast at doing it too (since it's your ONE thing and you're really good at it). This will help you keep clients happy (since you can tell them exactly how long things will take) and help you set rates and packages (that are guaranteed to make you money).

It's so much easier to get hired

If you specialize in just ONE particular thing...then your website will clearly show that. You'll have examples of this one thing that you do. You'll have testimonials from all your happy clients. By the time a prospective client hops on the phone with you, they'll already know exactly what you do and how well you do it! It's also easier to close the sale during a consultation because you'll be able to anticipate common questions that you hear every time and have awesome answers ready to go. You'll be able to confidently speak about your particular skill and know all the language and terminology associated with it.

Having just ONE skill also saves you money

Imagine, for a moment, how much money it would cost you to take training in DOZENS of Virtual Assistant skills. Not to mention how much TIME it would take you to learn all those new things (time that could be better spent making money!!). Let's not forget all of the different softwares and programs you would have to buy also. When you add it up...that's a lot of dollars, sister! You can save yourself the stress of having to 'do-everything' but getting really skilled at just 'one thing'. You'll be much happier, and much richer as well!


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